Export, trade and promotion of goodsfrom Russia

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About Us

Our team of specialists in the field of international trade provides services for representing the interests of manufacturers from Russia and promoting and selling their products in foreign markets under the terms of an authorized agent or official distributor under a company or own brand.

For our foreign contractors we provide services in search of suppliers and products manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation according to the specified and needful parameters.

As well, we have gained experience in organizing joint ventures in Russia and we are ready to assist in selection of the site and russian counterparty to start any agroproject. In some cases, we are ready to act as co-partner to create production in our country.


We specialize in the promotion and sale of agricultural and finished food products:


Meat and meat delicacies

Confectionery products

Milk products


Supplier and product search

We have knowledge of manufacturers and their capabilities for production in the Russian Federation.

Contract manufacturing in Russia

We manufacture products under our own brand and under the brand of the customer.

Preparation of export documentation

We assist in correct preparation of export documentation.

Interaction with government agencies

We organize events to meet with government representatives

Selection of areas for agricultural projects

We will help with the choice of a place for the implementation of the agro project in Russia.

Legal and accounting support in Russia

We can provide accountant and lawyer services in your language.

Interested in expanding cooperation with Russia or looking for a specific product?

Please contact us and we will discuss the terms and conditions of the cooperation.


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